August as It Was

In a nutshell. Mood. Hump Day. Shenanigans. Not at the top of the mountain but not at the bottom either. Hanging on as always with a smile as life is for the living and no one can’t take that away from you. August as it was, thank you. A blessed and beautiful September dear ones. Make it worthy, the month of your breakthroughs. Faith is all we got; keep it alive. Much love!


One Love…

Saying 0708

I went to bed late last night, like many perhaps, following the coverage of Alton Sterling and Philando Castle’s passing and subsequent events in Dallas. Woke up this AM, went about my affairs of life, grateful and blessed that the good Lord has allowed me to see one more day. We are all here. One planet. One being. One blood. No need to hurt. No need to hate. No need to divide. Treasure and respect each other. Hug. Appreciate life. Be kind to it. I bleed. I love.I pray. Peace!

Hello Saturday


If there was ever such thing as heaven, this comes close. Breathe…
Come alive. Live. Close your eyes and let be. Unwind. Travel.
Let yourself be transported. Your mind journey. Your soul free. Inhale.
Gaze at tomorrow. Dream. Still. Chill. Praise. Celebrate.
Say hello to today. Tomorrow. Whatever. Just be.
Thank you João Melo Sereno. Thank you for this amazing illustrious photo. It just made my Saturday.