Sit Still Venezia


Italy on my mind today. Somewhere on the “streets” of Venice. Can’t wait to go back.




Fishing Made Simple


A time to unwind. A time relax. A time for family. A time to zen. A time for friends. A time to live. A time to come alive. A time to party. A time to sleep. A time to be merry. A time for leisure. A time for joy. A time for your Amen. Happiness is contagious!  

Life Is Everyday

20170312_135346 A

Life is a mushroom. A Touch. Wisdom. Life is sharing. Living. Life is leisure. Family. Life is abundance of generosity. Love. Healing. Essence. Life is everyday. Life is fruitless without everyday. It loses its charm, cadence, soul. Life is life. Life is a kid in a candy store. Joy. Life is endless bubbles. Fun.