Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

It is Friday and the weekend. Are you ready to roll? Wherever you are, have a joyous and blessed weekend. Enjoy it. Enjoy the day, the afternoon, the evening. Enjoy your friends, family, colleague. Enjoy the company. The Food. The camaraderie. Take to the beach. To the theater. To the fair. To the park. To the bar. To the restaurant. To whatever rolls your joint. Just go. Find that comedy club and go for a laugh. Laugh at yourself and everything. At Life. Live the breeze in the air. The sand in the beach. The surfer in the ocean. Grove to the sound of the rollerblade in the park. The crackle of the popcorn in the theater. The sound of a beer cracking at the bar. The nibbling at the restaurant. The roller coaster at the amusement park. Dance. Breath. Shout. At the heat in the ocean. The fish frolicking in the sea. The colorful bucket of flower on the table. The squirrel pirouettes on the trees. Just be. Free. Exhale. Joy. Let’s roll!


Found this gentleman coming from the beach the other day. No, he is not homeless. He was just having some fun with his new invention.

Picture Of The Day

20140306_160333A“Oh my God you don’t remember me?”
“No, sorry but I don’t!”
“Yeah but I know you have seen me here before.”
“I did, when?”
“I used to come here every Saturday and see you in that chair, doing your hair…”
“Humm I apologize but I don’t remember you.”
“Off course, you don’t and there is a reason.”
“Yeah, which is the reason?”
“Well, do you really want to know?!”
“Yes I do. I am curious now. I mean, if I have seen you here before and my understanding, we spoke a couple of times and me not remembering a thing?! Off course, I do. I am an artist. We don’t forget faces often.”
“Yes, I understand but there is a reason why.”
“Ok, yes, can you please kill the suspense here?!”
“Well, are you sitting down?”
“Ok, let me check. Yes, I am, as you can see.”
“Really sitting down…”

20140306_160321A“Are you ready for this one?”
“C’mon girl. Can you stop and tell me whatsup once and for all?! (Someone, please make her stop otherwise, I am going to jump on her if she doesn’t. This is torture!)”
“Well, I used to be big, huge, like in fat…”
“What do you mean, you used to be big?”
“Yes, exactly what you heard. Big!”
“Seriously? NO WAY!”
“Yes. I used to be 194 lbs and perhaps more, I just won’t tell exact but I was this…”
“Well, a few years back, precisely three years ago. I used to be in sports then I got hurt and let myself go… just didn’t do much, just ate and ate, and party all the time.”
“But how did you do it? How did you lose the weight?”
“Well, one day I woke and decided that I had enough, no more. I have son I have to look up to. I went back to what I used to do. I used to play volleyball and started doing it again, started walking and here I am…”
“Thank you!”
“So you don’t mind if I take your picture right?”
“Off course not. Better yet, I will share the one I gave my son for his Show-and-Tell.”
“WOW. Love it.”
It is Throwback Thursday after all.