Earth Day 2020

It is Earth Day. Celebrating 50 Years wherever you are. We have seen her coming to her own again, come alive as she has been let be, to breathe again in the past two and half months, giving us hope that not all is lost, we can still do it, save her. Explore earth, its history, science, environment; let’s treat her kindly. 🌏🙏🏽❤


Earth Day 2015

The earth is not only a planet, it is our home, our place of being, our living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet or whatever you want her to be in your everyday space.
She weeps. She bleeds. Love her. Care for her. Cater to her. Give her the much needed space she so deserves and yearns for. Be her instrument, her glory. Let her breathe. Do something extraordinary today. Plant a tree, start recycling, conserve water, whatever your heart content and desire. Take care of her. Protect her. Respect her. Treat her kindly. She is your existence, your soul.

Happy Earth Day!

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