Pic of the Day: Docas, Lisbon


Traveling to Lisbon, Portugal? Don’t forget to stop by the Docas, Docks in English, for some fun and entertainment. It is an area of former warehouses overlooking a yachting marina below the 25 de Abril Bridge that has been metamorphosed into fashionable bars, restaurants, and clubs for all tastes and likes. 

Just an FYI, we love to eat late. We start the night with long dinners and bar-hopping because that’s just how we roll and only hit the clubs, live band, fados clubs, until after 1:00 AM when crazy begins. The price of admissions is usually between 10 to 20 euros but in some clubs, you just have to pay for your consumption.


25 de Abril Bridge




Hello Life Adventures


Call out the morning light, embrace the singing colors on the horizon, the sweet taste of blackberries. Listen to the song of the crickets on the hills, and dance to the sound of the wind blowing. Yes, summer is in full swing after all. Let the tired and sweaty nights caress the innocence of the children frolicking in the night while smiling at the moon and enjoy the ride. 


And that’s how we roll. Summer in Lisbon, Portugal. Love the concept of sitting on the stairs while dining.


Bom almoço

20130901_170127Cascais – Lisbon, Portugal

Best Beaches and Small Islands For Travel in 2014

I usually don’t like to brag but when you see your country, yes, that’s where I am from, where I was born, a little tiny island in the middle of the ocean off the continent of Africa, being showcased by one of the biggest travel magazine in the world under the banner, Best beaches and small islands for travel in 2014, you have to give it props.

2014 is the International Year of Small Island Developing States: tiny, remote and environmentally vulnerable spots. Here are 10 that need you – and are glorious too!

Middle of the world but not middle of the road, the equator-hovering outcrops of São Tomé and Príncipe form Africa’s smallest, and perhaps least-known, state. Part of a chain of extinct volcanoes, they hide in the Gulf of Guinea, west of Gabon, which explains why so few tourists manage to find them. Those that do are richly rewarded, though: there are miles of sandy beaches trodden only by fishermen; a jungly interior with a 2024m peak to climb; turtles and humpbacks splashing in the waters; and hotels set in crumbly colonial plantation houses, which offer an atmospheric cool-breezed base.

The dry season is June to September, wet is from October to May; humpbacks visit the waters off São Tomé from July to October.”

Read more here: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel-tips-and-articles/best-beaches-and-small-islands-for-travel-in-2014

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