Have Your Rainbow Today


I love fruits. I live for fruits. I die for fruits. I am addicted to them. Fruits are me and I am them. They speak to me and I to them. We sing lullabies. We talk. We tell stories. They know my name. I believe I was born with a rainbow on my stomach. It is Hump Day. Eat a fruit today, everyday. Make your rainbow. It will do your mind, body and soul good. You will fly like butterfly. Happy Wednesday!

Lacking energy today? You don’t need coffee. Be your energizer bunny. Get your juices going. Feel good. See what plant based energy foods can do for you. 

Find Your Rainbow


We were visiting a friend and right before he got into the car, the rain began to pour and this huge, fully-arced, bright rainbow appeared. A few seconds later, a second bow appeared above it — fainter but still a complete arc. Yes, it is a prismatic optical effect and always visible to those with the right perspective. So what? It is divine and always spiritual!