Love, Mom!


London, England

My little nugget, my flower, the fudge to my ice cream. It has been a long road, an extremely difficult week but you have always been a blessing, carrying yourself through the daily hurdles with so much joy. The character and amount of love in your heart made you a stronger person than yesterday. The fortitudes that carried through are visible in your soul. There are no words to describe the immense love I have for you everyday. May you find some sunshine and may the angels up in the bluest sky smile down on you.

Love, mom.


Happy 2017!


And because I let the Almighty guide me to wherever I need to go and be as I no longer make any New Year’s resolutions.

Woke up this morning, counting my blessings, thanking the Almighty for one more day, month, hour, minute, seconds and yes, year. It has had his rough patches, negatives and positives, met new people, made new friends, challenges of earthquake and tornado proportions but it is His Will and not mine. I am just riding along. I have accepted it. I have surrounded.

I am here, I am alive, I am breathing, I exist and yes, I am cute; sorry, could not help, it is just me. I have my family, friends and angels who I am eternally grateful for – they are tucked away in a special corner of my heart, and anything else is academic, a bowl of potato soup and sorry to say, just a space on my sentences.

I foresee 2016, excuse-me 2017, to be different, exciting, at least I am hopeful, striving for it, with its challenges and all. Yes, the page has got to turn in this book as dreams never die. A new chapter will have to be written with a mile (a semicolon it was in 2016) long of subjects and new protagonists in the midst as I look through the lenses.

Although a day late with my post, to all a Happy New Year. Wishing you the best in the roller coaster of 366 days; correction, back to regularly scheduled program of 365 days, as the leap year is gone and done with it, leaving us with more then we could chew. May 2917 bring you much joy, love, happiness, kindred spirits, prosperity and most of all, great health.

Muah. God bless. Much Love.

In The Peeved Department!

The picture says it all. I just don’t know what the driver was thinking? That no other car needed to park close to my almighty Beemer? Or I am too sexy for the parking lot. Or touch me if you can. Or I am a Beemer so beat it! Or I am jerk I don’t know how to park. Or I am jerk, this is the way I park and I can’t care less what you think or feel! Whatever it was, he needed to be conscious that parking lots are public meaning, for everybody. They should be shared. This is the reason why there are dividers, you stay here and stay there. One spot per car and not one car per two spots. Humility, not a word. It is the thing of the past!

Ticket anyone?!