If Only I Knew Tomorrow


If I knew tomorrow would be my last day, I would say the same words my dad would always tell us. Love your God, Pray fervently to Him, devote your life to doing good. Family is most important, do not hold grudges, forgive. Help one another. When you point your finger at someone for blame, always look to where your thumb is pointing, where it is going. Put yourself on anyone’s shoes. Look to yourself and say “How can I make the situation better?”

©️Angela Aguiar


Heaven Is a Breath of Fresh Air

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Shrine of Schoenstatt, Homestead, FL

I went to an annual “feel good” field trip of sorts with my Sisters in Christ, women of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds blended in perfect harmony, for a meeting of the minds and recharge of soul, at the littlest of shrines I have ever seen in my life, the Shrine of Schoenstatt. No, it is not a chapel or a church but a shrine and as per the name indicates, it is a Catholic movement originated in Germany.

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The little piece of heaven is a breath of fresh air, located in the middle of a rural agricultural area with many nurseries, surrounded by flowers, fruits and plants and birds. It is the most tranquil, beautiful, spiritual and peaceful area to walk around considering its location. A great place for those looking to relax, quiet meditation and much needed prayer.


Two days later, we were at it again, at one of the sister’s home recharging our spiritual batteries.


The burdens were written two months ago during the church annual festival. They were our constant “companion” during our bible study meetings, with some even taking them home for additional graces but then after much spiritual exercises and prayers, one by one to the fire they went, two baskets full.

The Tenants


Assisi, Italy

The tenants wearing atypical uniform were suspicious, fixated on their core of allegiances while diligently sifting  through with uncluttered eyes. The perfect warrior sheltered its territory like a vulture but in the middle of the afternoon, night quickly gave way to day. Dark skies mystically, opened delivering a gaudy tale that the moviegoer on its way to the hottest movie in town, backtracked and grinned at the elevator door.