RIP George Michael


Don’t know about you but I am done with 2016. I just want it to go. I know, no one goes before his/her time but the art world has been hit like there is no tomorrow with the lost of so many creative minds. Tired. RIP George Michael


One Love…

Saying 0708

I went to bed late last night, like many perhaps, following the coverage of Alton Sterling and Philando Castle’s passing and subsequent events in Dallas. Woke up this AM, went about my affairs of life, grateful and blessed that the good Lord has allowed me to see one more day. We are all here. One planet. One being. One blood. No need to hurt. No need to hate. No need to divide. Treasure and respect each other. Hug. Appreciate life. Be kind to it. I bleed. I love.I pray. Peace!