If I Only Knew Tomorrow


If I only knew tomorrow, I would write it in a big piece of paper, color it’s boarder with fortress surroundings smelling like a lavender. It would be full of sacred words and dedicated to Mrs Butterfly. It would describe the lessons of yesterday and telltales of today and images of tomorrow on a thin piece of paper stuck in the library of lessons. But I don’t know tomorrow. I just envision it to be the food in my refrigerator, biscuits in my cantina, paper flowers in my corridor of wonders, the big pendulant on the street corner dance, a glass of water on my bedside table inside the prepaid package yet to be delivered.

©️ Angela Aguiar

Darling Eva

Please continue to have the wisdom, knowledge, smarts, intelligence, bravery, courage, strength, beauty, joy, warmth, brilliancy, stamina, love to be the best mother, sister, daughter, niece, grandmother, wife, aunt, great grandmother, individual, professional, we can possibly be.

The amazon of tomorrow, the beacon of triumph. The chief in charge. Outstanding being. Leader. Teacher. Lover. Friend.


You stand motionless, embrace your motions to your core but strong to your demise.
You fight the good fight, put a stamp on your weaknesses and move on to the next station.

You are a spiritual gift, judge of your truth.

God made you who you are. He enbolded you to be you. You are you. You are great. You are not daisy but a flower in a sea of gardens.

You embody your greatness as you strive to be the best. You imagine the road ahead, one by one lined up like foot soldier. You march on one cliff, hurdle at time as it is submitted to you. You do not look back and as tired as you may be, saying No is not your MO but an welcomed sign otherwise and the one displayed on your face, is just a feeble of your imagine. Take a picture folks, it make look different tomorrow.

You cultivate yourself, the machinery that is you, a darling dear you who don’t care to wear that pant, suit, dress, skirt and blouse on the display window because it is a killer. You don’t. But care to wear it because it suits us. You are just awesome Eva!

©️Angela Aguiar

My 2018. Goodbye!

Years ago, let’s just say a few very not so distant months back, I embarked in this journey that only God could have taken me to and He alone knows where and when it will end. It is called, new beginning.

The beginning I have transformed myself into that even I don’t recognize. The beginning perhaps, is age, maturity or the one He had planned all along, I don’t know. The only thing I know, the road leading to it hasn’t been easy at times, excruciatingly incomprehensible but I am here, not quiet just there yet.

I learned I needed not to be afraid, not that guarded all the time but have faith, surround to the elements and once I did, I was able to embrace whatever and see it for what it is, tomorrow.

But just yesterday I stopped making plans as they would always end up with holes in them frustrating my mundane mornings of carousels. I stopped as, unbeknownst to me they were being written, they were never coming to fruition due to holes and I never understood why.

I just kept going, like Merry Go Round. So, I learned to let go and talk less about the plans as it became clear it wasn’t my job to write them but embrace whatever was already laid out in front of me.

I have been on an exploratory committee of sorts, on a train to tomorrow, an endless tomorrow that has shown its beauty, amplifying its tireless doors, drinking from a make believe bottle and I am liking it.

Tomorrow can never be promised but it can be a party, a party of life and you are invited but it is up to you however, to do whatever you want with the invitation.

To my family and peeps, I love you dearly. To you I will say, I had temporarily taken a detour but I am back. Hooray to new beginnings. Shout out to 2019. May you have an Awesome, Happy and Blessed Year. Much Love! ❤🙏🙏🙏😘