Pre Blue Moon 2015

Well, this is the closest I will get to the blue moon 2015.  It is raining in my heck of the hoods.  The sky has been kidnaped by mother nature with no possibility of parole and the probability of seeing it, is slim to none.  Zilt.  Unless, the Man Up there intervenes and does His thing, miracle, we are bound to watch on TV or read about it on a news magazine near you .  But in the meantime, here is last night’s moon. Isn’t she gorgeous? I don’t know, I am just addicted to looking up to the sky. Who knows, one of these days, it might end up telling me awesome stories and I sharing them with you.


Supermoon, August 2014

That was me three and half hours earlier… Mother nature, what is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you know that I wish to see the supermoon why do you have to bring the clouds and possibly, the rain? This isn’t funny. So, stop it!

An hour earlier… Yup, mother nature said, yes you have seen enough moons in your lifetime. So, I give you the drizzle, the clouds, dark clouds with no possibility of the moon insight. Boo ooh clouds, drizzle, whatever you are. You will see. It is not over yet. There is always September!

And then… Yes, mother nature felt sorry for me and got me my supermoon. Grinning!