Travelog: Rincon de Soto


Rincon de Soto, Spain

Rincon de Soto had me at hello! You can’t hear the pin dropping and yet, they are watching you. You can’t hear the whispers and yet, they are in your tail. You can hear the wind breezing through, penetrating the cold nights… A small little town in the Rioja region like no other where everybody knows your name and atmosphere is just perfect. Want to unwind? This is the perfect place for you!

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The Tourist


Photo by Joao Melo Serreno

On verse one of the fully developed paragraph, beating at drums of my heated plush traits, I rebelled on my puberty becoming this new guided missile pole. In my adult life, I became him, the perfect persona, the crowd pleaser, the begged for mercy kind of gentile creature, the dazzled narrative latched in a page everyone desired.

He told me I was a bug, the fruit pie microbe mutating into a biscuit but I came to be pure as an ice water in a cooler.