Paragliding Over Saleve Mountain


I bumped into something out of the realm of things I normally do for enjoyment and decided to go for it. Painting, crafts, anything creative is more in line with my taste but since I am all about learning, experiencing, I went for it.


On our way to the mountain, I noticed that some of the passengers were carrying huge backpacks until it became apparent to me who they were, parapenters, human-carrying aircraft or paragliders as they are also called, on their way to jump off the mountain, some for the very first time. Pardon me but I smell fear. They don’t use engines but can fly for long periods of time and the loads on their backs, equipments. So, I followed them out of curiosity. I saw them a couple of times over the mountain while driving but had to see them in action and I am glad I did because I got my money’s worth. Oh yeah adrenaline on high and flying they did. Who needs an airplane?


Setting up the equipment





And up they go, oh wait… down?! Safe travels…


There is something mystical about floating up in the air… wait a minute, better don’t get carried away. I take the plane and that’s as far as I go.



Yes, she is more courageous the I am.




And here comes the rookie…







Go Whisper Go!

Eat your heart out birdy, I can do it too and on a wingsuit. Mommy, can you see me? I am  having fun. 3, 2, 1… yes, I am ready. I am flying mommy… yeeehhhh!

Who said diving was for humans only? I don’t know about you but I am certainly having a beautiful Sunday morning, and this just definitely my day. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. LOVE!

Throwback Friday Video

I was out and about with a few friends and we decided to stop by our local Johnny Rockets. Mind you I never been to one, so this came as a surprise to me. It was an an exciting experience. I loved it. I wonder what happened to the kids on the video. Wondering if they are still with the company. No, I have not return because I am not of a fast food groupie.