Pour Le Voyage

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Past is yesterday. It cannot be recreated or reenacted nor ever brought back. If it were possible, many would be nurturing present, begging it to hurry back, stay in and make bed. Turn the page in your book. Stay in the now!

©️ Angela Aguiar



Back When I Was a Child

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I could not wait to get older. I now, sometimes, wish I was a kid again.
My mom made sure I knew my A’s from B’s.
We had toys, games and riding my bicycle was my heaven on earth.
We actually knew our neighbor’s names.
When I knew I was going to get a whooping, I would run out faster before I could scream, run!
People broke crayons and not hearts.
Rock & Roll was the thing.
The birds I used to draw look like flying mustaches.
I did not have to worry about owning the newest technology.
We had to rewind the VHS and not just skip to a scene.
I thought dust bunnies were a real animal.
I climbed on the trees, played with boys and somehow it was alright.
I would have never imagined that I would be where I am today.
Internet? What was that?!
Life was so much simpler!

©️Angela Aguiar