Judd Gregg, Knucklehead of the Week


“I couldn’t be Judd Gregg”, he said.  Senator say what?! You couldn’t be you? What, you didn’t know you signed up to be Commerce Secretary Nominee for a leader of a different party?  You didn’t know you are a fiscal conservative? You didn’t know you were in discord with the President on a number of issues? What?! You didn’t know you were on the other side of the pendulant when you agreed to be the voice of anything business, trade and census? You didn’t know?! C’mon even the rat knew it!

No reason to pass judgment, you deserve a breather; so I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and accept your rationale! You agreed to build the filing cabinet and for a minute there thought you would handle the sledgehammer; it is not hard to comprehend to grasp. It is not like you were oblivious to the blatant ideological difference between you and the President; you knew it full throttle! Were you just too excited or got sidetracked by your surreptitious schema; anyway touché!  It is not like you were invited to the shindig. Last I heard you volunteered to be Mr. Secretary because let’s face it, who would have invited you anyway. In the spirit of bipartisanship, however, the President and his peeps extended and accepted you with open arms (they might be kicking themselves in the bun just about now but who cares?)There is nothing wrong with a little awkwardness as Tim Gunn of Project Runaway would say “Carry on!”.

No one other then you and perhaps your associates know what happened.  Perhaps, you were pressured by your party (I wonder if they also drag your hand to the bathroom or your feet down a cliff) or you alone came to the realization that the ideological differences were too greater venture you sought to tackle; not worth the fight. I wonder if you regret the decision (I doubt it!) but then again, what difference does it make?! The decision has been made! I just wished you were a tad more forthcoming, and hoped the decision was not as a result of your constituents and local paper’s condemnation of you not having voted for the bill.

Anyway, have you been listening to Rush Limbaugh’s mantra (he wants the President to fail) but you should have at least gone with Pat Robinson. He called on Rush for a change and wished he had not said that! Last I heard (that’s the word out), you and your party are betting all the way to 2010; presumptuously you will come victorious and get more of your dudes in the tank. Right on!  What a gamble, I may add. I never thought you had it on you, considering that we, the tax payers are losing our jobs like poo (pardon me!) and are the ones who will be voting come November 2010!

Really, what caused you to abruptly quit? I mean, your seat filling demand was fulfilled; all was ablaze as your Democratic Governor appointed a member of your party (I hoped she did not pack her bags)! Had you stayed you could have perhaps, made a difference, who knows?! It is always nice to have a different view to rattle the jingle a bit. As the world turns! Maybe you realized that you would be missing your Senate compadres too much and thought the break up would be devastating to your psyche (I wonder how much input you really have on your party!) I gotcha you! You were on your way to losing it all, so better be safe than sorry.

What do you prefer, rally round around a frail nation, be an instrument and help it thrive once again (this is subjective) or be a bully and an assailant and an obstructionist. Again, I am not trying to be an adjudicator but anyone in a calamitous state would accept any kind of provisional backing, not a handout whatever it may be, as long as it would propel the person back into ascension again. I mean, it is fair right or would you rather lose it all based on your core belief. Is the constant wrestling match and bickeringreally worth?  Well, if you are anything like Michele Bachmann all is possible. I digress!

My question is, so what if this stimulus plan really ends up making a difference and the economy subsides with everyone praising and giving accolades to the President – for having at least attempted to do something – and the democrats, then what? Where would it leave you? Would you bang your head on a hard surface until it bleeds and lament your heart out while acknowledging that you were just being a pest or just get your slap and move on?

On the other hand, (what!) did you expect the president to be so saddened, dejected and lose sleep over your decision? Hello?! He invited you to the party but needed not to. He sent you an attractive invitation adorned with accolades and fanfare via a messenger but you failed to reciprocate. The table settings were perfect but you at the last minute decided to jump ship.  This is after you RSVPed; the dinner paid, the menu designed and waiters lined up.  He got your message and the excusable explanation. Did you think the party would stop?! Did you think the President would cry, roll over his bed in a fetal position and beg you to stay? You probably thought so right!? Sorry to disappoint you but he just brushed you off his shoulder like a pestering dandruff.

Let’s be honest Mr. President, c’mon what did you think? Could you have been greener than you pretend to be or you were just being an austere politician? You mischievous self!  I see! You campaigned and preached so much about working across the aisle that you began to believe it was actually possible. Yeah, me too! Forget inclusiveness; you can only include those who are interested in doing so! You attempted to do the unthinkable (which is possible, if people are cooperative!), entice a group that is unwilling to join the cause because it is “your” cause as if it was given to you as a souvenir (in a way it actually was).

The fact of the matter is that the Republicans are bent on and were never looking for to be part of the team. God forbid they try (they may end up putting too much salt on the meal) or even think about ours – the tax payer’s – needs; solve the problems of the country and not the desires of their party. Their intend is and always will be to sabotage you, your agenda, your goals (this is with any party). God forbid if the country actually moves ahead. Make you look good?! It is a fallacy. They fail to understand that if you succeed, the country succeeds.

Mr. President, it is not your fault they cuddled themselves on being bad stepbrothers. It is not your fault they are being browbeaten and looking for a great score, so they can chuckle “we told you so”. It is not your fault they did not crop stack of ideas at cracked of dawn and at last minute attempted to extend a hand; it is not your fault! They choose to drop the ink on a portion of paper plate and strike a chord that their plan was better, and there isn’t anything you could have done about it.

Mr. President I blame you, however. It is your fault for having undervalued their strength, resolve and fervor, and beliefs that they understand these are special times.  I do not blame them for trying to distance themselves from you. (This is after you and your comrades presented them with written proposals, laid them on the kitchen counter and expected them to stick to at the click of the switch!) Did you really believe they would just adhere to you like puppets, without giving their two cents? Hello, they are your brothers too; they are sons and daughters of your mother so listen to what they have to say (you just don’t have to follow it). Really, who do you think they are? There is pride to contend with after all; the wounded carcass searching for a frame.

“The road to recovery will not be straight. We will make progress and there will be slippage along the way. There will be hazards and reverses… But I have every confidence that if we are willing to do the critical work that needs to be done…. Then we will leave the struggling economy behind us….

“It’s about rejecting the notion that our fate is somehow written for us,” the president said, “and instead laying claim to a destiny of our own making.” President Barack Obama


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