I Did Not “Buy” The Artificial Sound Bite


By now everyone knows that swine flue or H1N1 as it has been renamed, is ravaging across the world and one of the steps recommended to remedy the influx, is to wash our hands thoroughly. So, you would hope the message is getting across right? Think again.

My request:
“I attempted to IM but since you did not respond to my invite, I decided to draft you an email instead.
Please don’t take me wrong and understand my request but due to the environment we are currently experiencing (we have been advised to take the necessary precautions so to avoid it), I thought I would bring something that I observed to your attention.
I was in the restroom when you walked in and out without washing your hands. Please don’t take it personally but it would be nice and I would appreciate it, if you did it. Sincerely,”

The answer:
“I use anti bacterial stuff at my desk. I don’t like the way the soap dries my skin, it makes it crack between my fingers. Wow!”

Huh! This is the same excuse the motorist gave to the Judge for not paying the toll leading to an International Airport years ago. This is genuine; it actually happened to one of my ex-classmates.

The judge asked, “Sir, did you know you had to pay the toll?”

The motorist, “Yes Sir, I did. I did not have the money with me; so, I was going home to get it.”

The judge, “So, if I understand you correctly; you were going home, get the 50 cents and come back to the toll booth to drop it. Is that right?”

The motorist, “Yes Sir, I was.”

Ok! What am I missing?