While Out Jogging Around The Neighborhood



Our Art Deco Town Main Street

MainStreetIt is one cool place! Less than a mile long, the street is very cozy and harmonic and very colorful. Just don’t visit on Saturday nights as it becomes infested by teenagers of all shapes and sizes, on their weekly gratifying pilgrimage. They stand around on their little clicks, mingling  sometimes for hours, like aunts; conversing and catching up on the latest gossip.

Blocked to cars at night on weekends, in any given beautiful Saturday night, the street is graced by live music – rock and roll, folk, jazz, gospel – to anyone’s delight.

Sit around the water fountain and gaze at the people strolling on their way to the movies, the regional theater, the restaurants (Italian, Thai, Cuban, Mexican, Argentina cuisine and the usual suspects such as Rubby Tuesday, Tony Romas…and the occasional fast food), or do some shopping at the many boutiques (Victoria Secret is the major brand name; Jared jewelry and many others…).

And, oh yeah; nothing like living on the residences on the floor above the shopping precinct. I feel sorry for the folks who live there. It is one crazy place at night.