It Is Against Their Religion!

I remember writing the below regarding the Octoma, after she had her million babies and being criticizing for doing exactly what she wanted; the choice to have her babies. She could have chosen an abortion upon learning that all the embryos were successfully implanted but she didn’t. She had a choice and she exercised it.

I said, “She did exactly what the cause professes; she did exactly what the cause embalms; she had the babies; she did not “kill” any; she dropped them all, so where is the beef?

The right to life citizens should step up and march to their own drum, come clean! Why just swim when the tide is high and not when the river is low. This could be an excellent opportunity for them to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with, and they are serious in their cause. Don’t just talk the talk, do the walk too. Fess up and man up; time to show your cajones.

Reversal of fortune and irony of it is that unbeknownst to many, the covert desertion of the Right to Life begins to nurture, something hardly gossiped, as soon as the alarm bell goes off. After the curtains dies down, everyone ghostly walks back to their respective homes, leaving the wounded to rotten alone.

True to form, no one comes to pray; rescue or care to help after the seed is implanted. They should run up to and side with Nadya with open arms but the fact of the matter is that I have yet to see a member of the Right to Life people volunteering or be the flag barrier for the cause after the hoopla dies down. I do not see them marching on to take all the unwanted beings currently living in foster care or on the streets after they have been abandoned by their parents….”

The above are tidbits of my piece on Octomom. One of the comments that I got regarding the subject was from a good friend who stated that “Pro life does not mean no birth control or no family planning- pro life means no abortion (murder).”

The murder of Dr. Tiller, a husband, a father and a grandfather in cold blood at a church mind you, in front of his wife who was singing in the choir, for performing abortions is unconscious.  I don’t get it! In church? The pro-lifers are supposed to be religious yet; they embrace murdering of an individual for just exercising his belief.

Now that he is dead, yes he is dead, murdered, just as the pro lifers wanted, is it going to stop a woman from going through with an abortion? Is it going to stop a doctor from performing an abortion? Hardly!

The pro-lifers claim that they are trying to save the fetuses, the unborn babies; then I am left to ask why then we have tones, millions of kids currently in foster care systems? Why do we then have millions of born fetuses parentless? Why do we have un-aborted fetuses living on the streets with no place to go? Why do we have born fetuses now involved in prostitution and drugs so they can survive? Where are you pro-lifers? What are you doing for the un-aborted fetuses? Where your just cause?

I just cannot understand nor comprehend how can a person who I don’t know or even met nor pretend to know; a person who I would not even invite to my gastro appointment have the right to impose their views, their beliefs on people who think differently than they do? Selfish!

This husband, father and grandfather was murdered while serving as an usher during morning services on Sunday when he was shot in the foyer of his Church, for believing in something.  At least he believed on something, at least he stood for something more than I can say for some people. Yet for these beliefs, he was compared to running Hitler’s death camp from a guy like Bill O’Reilly who was accused of sexual harassing a woman.  He was accused of executing babies about to be born and running a death mill; he was called “Tittler the baby killer” by Bill O’Reilly who was accused of sexual harassing a woman and paying her to go away. Now, he is backpedaling and accuse the liberal media of attacking; typical. Coward you should at least stand by what you said. It is on tape and it does not lie. Someone should sue his little derriere as an accomplice!

Dr Tiller believed that a woman has the right to her own body that if she was raped by her father or if she was raped by an HIV carrying individual or if she learned that her amnio test showed that the babies she was carrying would be horribly deformed, she had a choice, an option and an alternative; she had a place to go, to make good on a decision that she alone had to make nor me, you or anyone else but her alone.

The interesting thing is that the so-called pro life leaders who sit at the podium spewing their venom lexis are not the ones exercising these acts of violence. Off course they know better. They are too cowards to execute it themselves. They do not want their hands dirty; they don’t want to be thrown behind bars. They love their freedom too much. They leave it to the knuckleheads who are stupid enough to believe in everything they say, verbatim.  The knuckleheads are stupid enough not to realize that they are being thrown sponges and they, on the other hand, are the ones throwing stones. The excuse is that it is entertainment!

People like Dr. Tiller are not abortionists; they are doctors.  They have attended Universities – more than some handling the microphones. They have paid for and got an education. They are not murderers; they are performing what is asked of them: A WOMAN’S RIGHT to do whatever she feels like with her body. Pro lifers should not only talk the talk, they should also do the walk. What are they going to do with the born fetuses who are now in orphanage, welfare and foster care systems? They are looking for a home; when are you going to provide them with one? They have not been aborted. They are walking the streets like you and me. What’s up? Good Christians do not murder; it is against their religion but they provide assistance. Time to do just that pro-lifers; help the born.


2 thoughts on “It Is Against Their Religion!

  1. We live in a complex world of contradictions. People who are both vegan’s for ethical reason to the point of not eating eggs yet they are pro choice. Hindus wear leather. I am not endorsing the murder of anyone but I can understand the line of reasoning. The death of a murderer is in effect saving the lives of innocents. The life of a murderer is less valuable than the life of innocent baby.

    A woman can choose to do what ever with her body regardless of the consequences for the body of another contained in her? That really makes things simple.

  2. Well, we agree to disagree, Ms Ludlam Drive. I cannot feel that abortion is right. I understand that women feel they have reproductive rights — but, unfortunately, another individual is involved — the child. ?Will all respect to you, I don’t agree with you about abortion.

    anyhow, killing Dr. Tiller was wrong. Horribly wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right, of course. and, this brings up the idea that maybe responding to violence with more violence is not the right thing to do. where did I read that someplace? The Bible, maybe? New Testament?

    I always thought that if I was armed and someone attacked me I would feel no qualms about shooting to kill. Now, this brings up second thoughts. Never hurts in life to think things over occasionally.

    What a world! makes me feel quite ill, sometimes.

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