Second Chance, The Poem

Fantasy became reality before my eyes:
a soft flower piercing below my chin
a fly in my wing to a miracle reunion.
Pondering the journey
I walked perpendicular to the velvet hotel corridor.
Possessed by own fear
I pondered the outcome,
melting away anxiously
trying to find the courage to embrace the reunion
with the one who got away many lights before.
As I methodically counted each of the steps
consciously drifting away from the excitement,
I tried to block him out of mind
clenching my fist, mulling over the fortunate change I had
to reunite with the precious stone I genuinely loved.
Wanting to stop by a liquor store,
to throw away my fears,
I temporarily wavered back into a corner
swinging back and forth into memories –
a stingy steps from a plunge, the door.
The mailman delivered the exciting news that
my prayers had been answered:
my charming prince, my first great love was hear.
Breaking away in a sweat
I nervously reached for my scrambled spongy heart
unraveling whether the terrain was still sparkling.
Believing in love and romance,
I longed to summon up the puberty
the punishing desire carried in the ferocious first kiss.
Hunting for the perfect ending
we sized each other up.
He stared at me, I stared at him without a word, without a say
just us breathing.
With my knees quavering uncontrollably
I runt to him, he ran to me
tossing our arms around like dogs in heat.
Overwhelmed, I froze,
His eyes looking straight at me
our lips locked in a tender juicy kiss
weakening my body, tossing me away like the wind.
We smiled gently striking the sun, not letting go
realigning our startling story,
I cried uncontrollably re-discovering love once more.

© Raining in May


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