The First Baby Of The Year

As the story goes, the first baby, wait make these babies, of the year were born sometimes in the morning or perhaps the day before, who knows for sure, to the proud feathery parents. I would like to apologize for any inaccuracy but only the mother and the father knows the exact time.

The mother was at the scene, aggressively marking her territory but the father was no where to be seen. Perhaps, he was out and about searching for their first meal. Thought, milk does a body good and is healthy for children!

I was out on my daily walk when I stumbled into a gentleman holding his dog, startling attentively at something. The dog in a leash, was too overly excited, freaking out, jumping around, shaking his tail like a yo yo, in a ready to attack mode yet a bit frightened pulling back every second or so.

I decided to check the scene for my self. I wanted to know what was rattling the two.

The first cue was oh yeah, there is something. The second was, what?!

I squatted all the way down to the ground, looked into a bunch of flowers and there they were, mother goose and her newly minted ducklings. They were so cute. I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm and pulled my camera out.

No one knows at precise moment they arrived but I am pretty sure the delivery went well, I hope, even though there were still some eggs left to hatch.

Grinning ear-to-ear, the mom looked extremely thrilled but overly protective of her little babies, the reason why we didn’t dare come close and good thing I was able to snap a few photos.

I did not get to count how many they were but they were a few. Long enough for anyone to write a menu. I am sorry but no gifts were given as the proud parents failed to register at Baby R Us.

Welcome to the world!


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