What Is The Hoopla About The Time Cover?

I honestly don’t get what the whole hoopla is all about “Are you Mom Enough?”?! Is it because the mother is cute, sexy and attractive or the child is looking elsewhere while seductively sucking on his mother’s breast or the pleasantly sexual overtone pose it appears to propagate that is driving everyone bananas?

To each his own!

I mean, if the mother wants to nurse her almost four years old grown child who should have teeth by now, (I hope he does, otherwise we will need to call the ghostbusters), goes potty by himself, no longer wears diapers, (that would have been a whole other story if he still wears them), asks for water, milk or juice, bites on a loaf of bread, plays with Superman and not Fisher-Price go baby go poppity pop musical din toys, coloring book, puts his own shoes, dresses himself and perhaps have a few choice words for his mother, more power to her. Better yet, God bless her!

I am not an expert but am of the opinion that the click on my mousse is making a peculiar sound, the screw on my table is a little lose somewhere but somehow, she is sound.

Who am I to judge?!

Attachment parenting?! Last I heard, the method is also be used as birth control. I don’t know. I have no answers. Perhaps, Alexis Bellino from the Real Housewives of Orange County has it. Perhaps, she can explain it in layman’s terms, a language some of us can understand.

Knock knock are you there? Yes, you… husband, boyfriend, partner? I mean, we aren’t in the candy story anymore, so, aren’t you… do I say more? Never mind, at least I hoped… you were a couple!

The truth of the matter is that the subject hit too close for some and for this reason alone, it is not cool! C’mon, talk about it but no pictures please. Talk about it but don’t make the cover of a magazine. Talk about it but mom please, use something to cover your breast. I really don’t need to see your son sucking on your… amusement park! Then again, like Bobby Brown said, pardon me Whitney, it is her prerogative!


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