Puppet In Need

Harvard Square

I take my hat to anyone who can stand in the same position for hours, performing the same routine over and over regardless of insects or smell, entertaining, exciting and enchanting children and adult alike.

Magic potions too expensive.
I want to be a real girl.
Please help!

As the story goes, she is a puppet, a live puppet, in the middle of Harvard Square.

She dos not blink. She does not cough. She does not talk. She stands still like a robot, a action figure but a figurine she isn’t.

She is a person, who Wants To Be A Real Girl, who moved only a few times to change positions when people dropped her a few Benjamins, I mean dollars or when needed to rest.

She is a person, who Wants To Be A Real Girl. Don’t know how much she made but hope people showed her some appreciation. All in a day’s work!


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