Sunday is, Their Day Off!

As the story goes, I hopped on a taxi in Hong Kong and I asked the non speaking english driver to take me to Victoria Peek but once I arrived, I thought it was a little off, the driver perhaps had made a mistake and I was ready to cry foul.

The location he took me to resemble nothing like the pictures I had seen of Victoria Peek. I didn’t see a train going up the mountains. I didn’t see the mountains and I didn’t see the tourists. Yeah, there were lots of people, too many women I could count but nothing else.
Frustrated, I walked around the park searching for a speaking English soul to no avail. Most didn’t speak the language, even though the island used to be a British colony, which was surprising to me as I expected a good percentage to do so.

After a few minutes, I run into these two ladies who kindly explained to me where I was, Victoria Park. Go figure! They also indicated that I would need to catch bus X to X location and walk a few feet to Victoria Peek. The trip was long, well at least it appear to be at the time only because I had no idea where I was going.

I totally looked lost.

I approached a few ladies on board I heard speaking English and quickly struck a conversation with them. One indicated that she was heading in that direction and I just had to follow her. For all I know she could be taking me to Timbuktu but I wouldn’t know it. I was attached to the hips to her.

I exited the bus and as I walked through towards the location, passing under the HSBC building, I came across the most interesting phenomenon I ever seen or experienced in my life, hoards of women gathering around, chatting, mingling, reading, exercising, dancing, playing games, you name it…

I learned they were Philippine women working as domestic helpers in Hong Kong mostly for high salaries and proximity to their country, out enjoying their one and only day off, Sunday.

The fascinating part is that most prefer to camp under the HSCB building or at Victoria Park or other streets just to socialize then use the day for other things. It was interesting. I never seen it before and was taken aback by the phenomenon but apparently, it is an “old” event and it was me, who was a virgin on the subject. Guess what? No more!


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