Venice, Four Weeks Ago!

I was just in Venice four weeks ago with a group of friends and I am transfixed by what I see happening. It looks awful and all I can say, we were lucky. Glad we went when we did and hope the people we met are safe. What worries me are the relics underground at Piazza San Marco, Basilica di San Marcos, Torre dell’Orologio… Just wow, major WOW… It is amazing what mother nature can do.

The 6th highest tide in 150 years.

The view of St Marcos Square from the ‪‪St Marcos di Campanile‬

Tourists at St Marcos Square

San Marcos Square. Music, music everywhere…

A bridal event in search of the perfect spot for pictures!

Murano glass, famous product of the Venetian island of Murano.

When in Venice, you must ride one of those, gondolas!

Famous Hotel Concordia. I can image all the products in Pauly & C. are probably under water.

The sign says it all, Conga D’Oro pizzeria since 1947.

Walking through the narrow streets!

Strolling down the canal….

St Marcos Square


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