Lottery & The Vending Machine!

Powerball mania it is!  I mean if we have vending machines for soft drinks, candies, water, train and subway tickets, sandwich, there is one in Beverly Hills, CA operated by Beverly Hills Caviar that sells fish eggs and snails, and also boasts a selection of truffles and escargot, along with bottarga, blinis, gourmet salts and mother of pearl plates and spoons, so why not lottery tickets? I could not lose the chance of becoming a millionaire, so I got on the bandwagon and went to play.

Once at the store, to my surprise, there it was, sitting amongst the crowd, a lottery vending machine. Florida cannot find a good system for his voting issues but it surely found an artful  and simple way for people to spend money and go bankrupt. What has the world come to.

In case you don’t know how to play, it comes with its own instruction.

Put the money on

Select your pick

Get your tickets

Therefore, avoiding the line. For that alone, they have me. Not!


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