Supermodel In The Making

wallmartAs much as I am not Walmart’s biggest fan, I temporarily set my dislike aside to excitingly parade their latest Walmart Store Ad for the world to see, just because it features my friend’s daughter, a fashion model in the making, on page 21. Love it! Add one more to the line of “celebrities” I know. Proud of her!

Driving Miss Daisy

In the I Would Not Be Caught Doing this, oops I mean my dog, category, dogs are being taught how to drive in new Zealand. Yeah, I can just imagine the scenario. Driving up 95 N and see a dog in the driver seat. Holy Chihuahua give me some chalupas. I would run to the Petsmart faster then a bullet and ask for a collar. Hope they will make better drivers then we humans. Some people here in my heck of the wood could benefit from this, let their dog do the driving! I swear one of these days, the alarm clock will be replaced by a robot tapping you to weak up. Too cute but very dangerous!