Styrofoam Cups – It is Art!

Don’t mind the quality of the video, I am still a rookie but hope you love the soundtrack. My hand is up on that one. Original score!

As the story goes, I was at a meeting back in 2006 with a group of non too happy folks and found myself starring at the Styrofoam cup in my hands with little coffee at the bottom as quarrel broke out. Not wanting to get involved at whatever was going on at the moment, I poured my annoyance at the cup, “transporting” the picture of the English Channel on the wall, using regular Pilot medium pen.

I had no idea what I was up to or where I was going but soon found myself obsessively immersed in the art, using any opportunity I had to doodle/carve the styrofoam cups. Yes, I got a few “you are nuts”, “what are you going to do with it”, “how did you do that?” and “wow” kind look from those around me but I never stopped.

What a question, it is Art!

I ended up creating more and more, free hand, without a sketch, all original designs with the exception of the very first one. It is interesting, meticulous because you are carving into the foam but extremely relaxing. Here is a snapshot of Copyright © 2011 Safu Collection.


There Was Something In The Air That Day!

It was a clear and beautiful day, not windy. There were no stars, no clouds, no rain. Just placid and gorgeous. Mystical. Calming. Mesmerizing. The sun was bright and shining. The moon gazing from a far.

There it was, popping out of nowhere. A mechanical bird, majestically flashing its wings with a decor of a master and agility of a gymnast, flying in curvatures, leaving its mark on the wall, skillfully carving its subject.

I had no idea what it was up to?! What was it diligently crafting?! Nothing but a puzzle of enormous proportion. Would you marry me? Please try Butter & Butter latest flowers. National Margarita Day, free margaritas to all. Nope!

I stood quietly. Gazing. Waiting patiently in the sun, snapping pictures. And, there…


Can You See Me Now?

IMG_0344See if you can capture it? I startled a bit when I first heard noises coming from in between the trees. I had no idea what it was and as I was reading to run when I heard my friend. “Ohhh isn’t he cute? I wish I could take him home!” There he was, quietly relaxing amongst the pumpkin. “No, you won’t”, said her husband.

Can you spot it? Can you tell us what it is? Oh yeah, the picture is kinda “old”, like in November, Thanksgiving, pumpkin time.