There Was Something In The Air That Day!

It was a clear and beautiful day, not windy. There were no stars, no clouds, no rain. Just placid and gorgeous. Mystical. Calming. Mesmerizing. The sun was bright and shining. The moon gazing from a far.

There it was, popping out of nowhere. A mechanical bird, majestically flashing its wings with a decor of a master and agility of a gymnast, flying in curvatures, leaving its mark on the wall, skillfully carving its subject.

I had no idea what it was up to?! What was it diligently crafting?! Nothing but a puzzle of enormous proportion. Would you marry me? Please try Butter & Butter latest flowers. National Margarita Day, free margaritas to all. Nope!

I stood quietly. Gazing. Waiting patiently in the sun, snapping pictures. And, there…



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