An Open Letter To The Skies


Dear Mother Nature, I am really looking forward to the day Mr thunderstorm along side its brother, aka lightening Jr would not pay us a visit. It has become a routine of sorts, come afternoon it is all or nothing. So, we are used to it but geez, find a medium would you?!

At this point, the plants are going bananas and feeling obnoxious, they have been watered enough. The roofs are rushing to the stores picking up their colorful ornaments so they can dust themselves up, they look like a washed up t-shirt. The pavements are crying foul, they need to be repaved, too many holes. The birds are done singing, no energy left. The lizards are looking for a place to park, their cubbies are over flooded. The grass are making lemon pie, savagely growing and needing to be trimmed. Fashionably manicured feet begging for sandals tired of being bunged up by sneakers, boots and flats. The bees are trying to nest and mosquitoes are parting it up, feed me, feed me, they scream. The cars are not amused, however. Showering everyday ain’t cool they say and the owners gleefully replied, “I don’t see any problems with that, do you?” In the meantime, the cute umbrellas are just too damn happy, glowing like butterflies, feeling like smoking Cinderella in her dazzling castle.

Yes, the skies have just been a pain in my derriere lately, looking too depressed – well we got a break today, no rain in sight – the clouds giving up, raising a white flag for the summer. So mother nature, do whatever you want but we have had enough. Give us a little break please, brink back the sun?! Signed, Ms flower!


Today’s Sunset



Mother nature doing her thing. Who needs Key West when we can just get it off our highway?! Any explanation for the ring around the sun? No comments necessary. Just indulge, take it in and relax. One of a kind. One for the books. Beautiful and exquisite sunset!

There Was Something In The Air That Day!

It was a clear and beautiful day, not windy. There were no stars, no clouds, no rain. Just placid and gorgeous. Mystical. Calming. Mesmerizing. The sun was bright and shining. The moon gazing from a far.

There it was, popping out of nowhere. A mechanical bird, majestically flashing its wings with a decor of a master and agility of a gymnast, flying in curvatures, leaving its mark on the wall, skillfully carving its subject.

I had no idea what it was up to?! What was it diligently crafting?! Nothing but a puzzle of enormous proportion. Would you marry me? Please try Butter & Butter latest flowers. National Margarita Day, free margaritas to all. Nope!

I stood quietly. Gazing. Waiting patiently in the sun, snapping pictures. And, there…