Amore Dinner, The Decor!

IMG_0757Table decor

The location, church wall. Lights decorated. Italian posters, curtains and chandeliers were up. Candles, flowers, glasses, utensils, Chiantis bottles. Tables were set. Music, food. We were ready!

IMG_0670Table setting for 6

Each of the tables sat six and it was on first come, first serve basis. However, some were reserved. The Chianti bottles, the tablecloths, the utensils, the wine and glass glasses were all donated by a local Italian restaurant, the green table runners confectionated by us were added to the table to give the flair of the Italian flag.

IMG_0669Table setting for 4

IMG_0687Chiantis bottle, candle on a glass

IMG_0668Just decor

IMG_0682The plates

IMG_0684Chafers, keeping it warm

IMG_0675Silver, red and yellow, they are corkscrew

IMG_0665 Coffee cups

IMG_0667Percolators, sugar, cups

Simple but elegant decor for a beautiful night celebrating Italy!


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