The Closest I Came To Kentucky Derby

20130504_153540I have always been fascinated with Kentucky Derby, the pageantry, the hats, the attires, the colors, the horses, the jockeys, the purse… so, I let run my fantasy of attending one on TV. So, I watch it religiously but I got one step closer to my dream this past weekend. I was invited to the Women’s Club Garden Party. Huh?! Yes, you heard me right, Garden Party.

20130504_152445I have no idea why I was invited, well my friend did me in as she was just looking for us to have fun because trust me I don’t garden, it has never been my cup of tea. I just don’t see the enjoyment on getting my hands dirty. I am all about indoor decor and nothing with the outside. I leave it to the experts. Yeah, there are the gloves but still, the thought of something crawly surfacing out of nowhere, just makes me quiver. However, those who do enjoy it, find it fascinating and relaxing. Hum, ok!

20130504_153112So, there I was celebrating anything and everything Kentucky Derby minus the horses, the jockeys, off course.

20130504_151607We put on our best hats, decked out in our best dresses, made the tastiest Hors d’œuvre, calories not included, oops discussed off course and there we were, mingling, conversing anything and everything garden. Oh boy! Cheers!

I run with my customary menu I hate lizards story, it suits me and it is true, those creatures of the world just make my skin quiver, took a few pictures and that was the end of it, I supposed.
20130504_150230There were the usual suspects, however, the contest for the best hat, best dresses and more but overall we had a beautiful and joyous Saturday afternoon. Yes that was the closest I came to Kentucky Derby mind you but I am still dreaming. It is on my bucket list. Kentucky, here I come!


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