A Bud’s Life

20130525_101503I was minding my business the other day while jogging, when I came in across an amazing sea of stained snowy dots on the ground. It resembled rice or some kind of nut under these beautifully carved trees. It did not take a genius to register that the tree was the perpetrator but I don’t recall seeing them around the hood before or did I? I don’t know if I should call them flowers or just buds or what’s up. Whatever it was, it peeked my interest and I zeroed in. I went for the kill with my brilliant GalaxySIII smartphone camera – would love to kiss the brain behind these gadgets, they just make my day. Get a little closer. Enjoy the interesting pictures.

20130525_10160120130525_10163220130525_10165920130525_10214920130525_102428 (1)


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