A Penny For Her Thought

IMG_3840Ohhh how I would give her a penny for her thoughts!

The picture says it all. I wish I could puncture her soul, open the door to her closet of millions figurines and unmask it.

She seemed to be deep into her thoughts, way, way Up There, reflecting, driving the highway of the unknown thoughts and discovering, smiling at her surroundings. I don’t know where her mind was, what she was thinking but she appeared distant embroiled in a web of summaries.

Let’s face it, after perhaps, an intense laborious day, she looks tired but placid!

The picture was taken late at night, very late while in Macau, at a restaurant where a friend had taken us for dinner and after finishing fixing us the meal. They were winding down,  about to close when we literally barged in. I am pretty sure it was not appreciated it but they made sure one more meal was made.

It was not a five star restaurant, a state of the art come sit down and we offer you the moon nor a McDonald either. It was more like “while in Rome do what Romans do”, located in a corner somewhere, hidden from the prying eyes of hungry bulls, a mom and pop family owned but good well made home meal.

I confess, I was a little apprehensive about what was waiting for us behind the walls but to my amazement, the food was insanely good, the warmth with how we were treated superseded all my fears and I can honestly say that it was not your everyday restaurant but a crème de la crème traditional chinese food.


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