Happy New Year

NEW YEARI know I haven’t been around much but there is a reason and promise to be my better self in 2014.

Yes, the departure and consequently, the arrival of the New Year, it is always cause for celebration, joy, the moment to thank God for one more year of happiness, headache, love, troubles, good health, tranquility, peace… and all the nine yards. It is an incentive when many lists are made and broken at the same time, the moment we all celebrate, being that young or old, rich or poor, the best way we can, sometimes around our loved ones, friends or most of, alone depending on the circumstances of how life presents itself.

In this last hours and minutes of 2013, I take a minute to ponder what it was, what it has been and how perhaps, 2014 will be.

In the positive, 2013 was beautiful and adventurous. I traveled the world, met new people, visited places, learned and did new and interesting things but behind all that excitement, there was a thunderstorm, a veil, an avalanche of snow cascading at a speed of light, a bottle of rights and wrongs, circumstances of life that I often was unable to stop or control.

They kept coming in masses and I was lost, left at the mercy of the unknown, disabled to fend for myself but among all, there were many angels who came to my rescue, who I can never discard nor forget.

So, 2013 will always be engraved in my memory. Perhaps, I will one day write a book about the mystery, who knows?! Everything is possible but for now, it will never be forgotten as I learned to circumvent the facts of life and the world that surrounds me, us.

I learned that the spiritual world is not a blur, it is there, it does exist and should never be taken for granted. I also learned behind my better judgment that anything that is out there and with a name attached to it, does exist. I no longer ignore or live to ignore a thing.

Things are no longer trivial to me, I don’t take anything for granted, and I no longer go with the flow. I am now more aware, assured, innate, equipped to deal and embrace the craze that is life, and although, I often make a long list of things for the New Year, this year I decided to let it be. I have decided to drop all my accomplishments in a jar to be open at the end of the year and then commiserate or laugh about it.

So, whenever the bell rings and the pointer changes from 11:59 to 00:00, take a minute and meditate about yesterday and tomorrow, though today is also important, the good and the bad and the ugly and smile, be grateful that you are alive, you are here to cherish all life has to offer. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope 2014 will be filled with joy, love, happiness and prosperity surrounded by those you love. May all your wishes come true.

Thank you for 2013. xoxo


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