He Responded: ” Nothing”

20131218_193052A very interesting debate that could have perhaps, gone to where no man has been before, temporarily ignited on Facebook based on a friend’s post. Lucky me, she is a friend, seriously a friend, a fact I can’t assert about forty five percent of those who I call “friend” but I digress. Welcome to social media!

“Best answer ever! Oprah asked Don Miguel Ruiz (Author of The Four Agreements): “What happens when we die? He responded: ” Nothing”.

I found the statement kinda lame, and as far as I know, if you post something you should expect a comment. This is how it works on Facebook or I am wrong? So, I made a comment that resulted in the following exchange:

Me – How can he know? Has he died and came back to talk about it?
Friend – That’s his answer, accept it or don’t… but that’s his answer.

Well that was a zing! That was a little too forceful for my taste. Perhaps, I should have been clear and stated something to the fact, came back to tell all about it or came back and wrote a book, maybe, just maybe, she would have understood it better?! Fat chance!

Me – I am neither accepting or disagreeing, I was just stating that one can never know that because no one has come back to talk about it.

Mindful of her sturdy mannerless response, she quickly replied with, “anyways, no one can claim to know what happens when we die. Not a single person on this earth. There are hundreds of theories, to calm down our fears, but I just found his answer to be the boldest one, specially coming from a spiritual healer.”

Hum, ok, thank you for the correction. I am forever grateful. Spiritual healer or not, I didn’t find it bold. I found it tad irresponsible specially when he hasn’t been “there”, so it does not make him an expert. Perhaps, “I don’t know” should have been a more appropriate answer considering that dying is a secret club with very specific members.

There are no testimonies, proofs or palpable evidence to descend to, perhaps a psychic, TLC’s Long Island Medium type, would be so kind to give us the intimate details then again, she would have to be telling us the truth before she is paid.

Surely, no one can claim that he or she knows what happens after death. No one. It is a mystery, only for a selective few who have beat the odds, the “lucky” ones who have died, well kind of, temporarily, and came alive to tell all about it. The one’s who have seen the light, the comatose patients who almost expired but for an unexplained reason or another, unbeknownst to them and anyone else, got a reprieve, a second chance to enjoy earthly life once again.

The selective few gives a glance of what it is like beyond life. The “roads” they travel. Their surroundings. Their feelings. Friends and Family they visit with. What they see at the end of that road, that rattles them enough to make a U turn. The beauty of it and the one thing we can attest to is that most, based on their narratives, emerge transformed, a different being, with a different life’s perspective and a chance for a do over.

Others are chance encounters with what they describe as angels they meet at the check point, an invisible line they are not allowed to cross, a point of return, a guard stopping them at the boarder.

They are handed a special meal, an enormous responsibility and it feels special, and yet uncomfortable. No one knows but the fact of the matter is that according to them, they died and came back, as crazy as it may sound, to tell us all about it.

One cannot say for sure that dying is like a bus ride to Disneyland or a pitstop at McDonald but the select few contend that it is one awesome paradise. Peaceful, quiet and… heaven. Based on these premisses alone, something does happen after one dies but it isn’t Nothing!


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