A Letter To My Sister

999472_10152547114278228_1945724526_nSo, it was my sister’s birthday the other day and since I could not be there in person, ocean dividing, I wrote her a letter. Last I heard, she replied back, I love you too.


Every now and then, there is this person, who tells you straight, gives you the hell Mary speech, acts as if she is your mother, thinks that she is grown; well, she kind is but she is the baby. Someone who sees through you, listens and understands, cares and love you unconditionally, waists no time calling you up when she thinks your lipstick is the wrong color or your pants is wrinkled and gives you the props when warranted and/or unadulterated. This person who at the drop of an hat, jumps seas and heaven to smack whoever, well I never heard or seen her killing a fly, so she is excused, and come to your rescue at a minutes notice. Someone who is there for you through the thick and thin, through hell and high water who doesn’t judge, well she does sometimes but who cares?! Eat it or spit it, that’s her job, the person who actually have the cojones to put up with someone like me and scream hell straight that she is my sister.

Yeah, she is my sister alright, my bread pudding cake, putty tat and life full of jelly bean sister.

I love you sis with all the bones in my body, all the aches in my spine. Yeah, that love. I could not have asked for a better sister, a better person and I bet you, you could not ask for a better me either. Oops my bad, that was supposed to be your line, and if anyone asks me to trade you, I would tell that person to hit the beach and fast, if you know what I mean?!

We have been through seas, mountains, elephants, horses, pancakes long enough for a  ribbon to wrap around the globe seven times and make a beautiful bow but it is our story and my apologies for sparing you the details, well for now. In the meantime, try snooping around if you dare, you may get burned.

Life have shown us that there is a bound like no other then not even an earthquake or tornado can crack it. I often thank the Almighty and our parents for having “made” us who we are. Yes, I can’t complain. So, since today is your birthday and we are all spread out across this beautiful universe, here I am from the land of the birds to wish you a beautiful, blessed, warmest, loving and joyous birthday. I wish I was there for that promised pajama party but I am not, so a fantastic photo of the celebration would do just fine. Here is one to you babycake.

Happy Birthday oldest, younger sister. Love you. Muah!