It Is That Time Of The Year Again!

We, Ampablue Creations, were at Fall Craft show sponsored by Garden Club. Arts, crafts, food, great gifts for the Holidays. These are the tables that were close to us!



IMG_6281Works of Lala Chocolate –




IMG_6303Works of Carmen, Cork-N-Around




IMG_6305Works of Audrey Valhuerdi

10624950_10152628948688705_6213923229180110645_nOne of my pieces, hand painted Christmas pillow.

10686848_10152628949158705_6105116581920162600_n (1)The End


Hello Back!

So, I have been a way, cruising the earth and savoring delicious goodies. In the meantime, my journeys have taken me to… and hope to share more later!

IMG_4895I said hello to the Queeny and believe me, she replied back… on my dreams!

20130714_183004Geneva was always herself

IMG_6205Bern said pick me, pick me but it did not ring any smile, so we just drove by!

IMG_5458Zurich said Hallo up the mountain. They speak German over there, did you know that?

IMG_5986Stopped by a little town, Baden for a few zzz’s. Loved, loved, loved it!

20141003_142831I am an artist, so Basel was calling my name. Art Basel anyone?

20130910_141457The monuments in Portugal also said Alo and I said, obrigada!