Happy New Year 2015

CardThe Alpes. Annecy, France.

This is the time of the year when we dump our jollies and sorrows, sort and mix them out in one good bowl of jelly. We put all in a balance, measure them as much as we can so to be certain, brush them up, evaluate what we have achieved, erase the garbage and dive into a new menu of good doing for the new year. Booyah, there!

I don’t usually make any list because I never follow through with it. I stop by page two, there is if there was ever a page number, after few muffins and a glass of orange juice. Let’s face it, I am yet to see one that has worked. Yes, I have done it all along the years even attaching additional pages but as much as I tried to followed through with it, it went down the drain faster than I could say my name. So, I bought a new book, turned the page and decided to let the chip fall where it may. I am not driving this carousel, HE is. I am hopping on a boat, go down the river rapids and land wherever. Hope, in a beautiful, calm and serene beach surrounded by birds and butterflies.

2015 will certainly have its stories, then again, it has been my life lately but I digress, it is for another book. I am not the one to know but I am the one to read about them. I look forward to an exciting year, full of jam and jelly, pumpkin and spice, tea and coffee, rice and beans, all ingredients of one good soup I call life. Yes, life.

It is going to have its up and downs, curves and curvatures, darkens and brightness, clouds and sunshine, shapes and lines but in the end, I look forward to just enjoy life, be around my family and friends, and just have fun.

So, as we turn the page to 2015, I wish all of you, family and friends, a Happy New Year full of good health, love, joy, happiness, success and prosperity, and while you are at it, please don’t forget to laugh. It makes your heart grow fonder.

PEACE and until next year!


In The Mood To Just Laugh


Baden, Switzerland

Laugh about today and tomorrow, about what has been,
Laugh about being grateful, blessed and desirable

Just laugh!

Laugh about everyday dreams, my imagination, my gives,
The pingpong ball and the train
Laugh about my creativity, my daily dances and my travels
The zigzags of life, great minds, close doors and the semicolons
Laugh about the thunderstorms and the moon, the sky and the blues, the sun and the magic
The scene on TV

Just laugh!

Laugh about forgiveness and love
The truth and the absurd, the bizarre and the groovy
Laugh about the corridor and the open door, the newspaper and its anecdotes,
The comedian and his jokes
Laugh about the plane and the bird, the earthquake and the fire
The vegetable and the supermarket
The tree and the carrousel
The dress and the shoes

Just laugh!

About the smile and the diner
The sadness and the equilibrium
The meal and the zeal
The pen and the cloud
The wine and the vine
The beer and the fever
The flu and the flute
The paper and the piper
Boots on the ground

Just laugh!

Laugh with me
Find something to laugh about and just laugh
Laugh, laugh, laugh until there is no tomorrow and your head aches
Laugh until your stomach stays afloat and you can’t breathe
Laugh until your life’s content and you are inebriated
Laugh and laugh euphorically and then pause,
Yes pause
Say Amen
Thank you

I am alive because I laugh!

© Angela Aguiar

Merry Xmas


Christmas is a time to cheer, a time to give, a time to dance, a time for peace, a time to rejoice,a time to be kind, a time to love and reflect on what is important, a time for family and yes, a time for presents and no ugly sweaters or fruit cake. From me to you and yours, Merry Christmas. May your day be filled with happiness, joy, and yes, lots of laughter.