Tomorrow Is Never Ours


Woke up this morning, the day was gray, somber, gloomy to realize that tomorrow is not ours. It is a corridor of unknown, an endless line of what will be but don’t yet know. A storybook of descriptions, a passageway of life to embrace and savor.

Life and its storylines and headaches. One minute we are here, another there, joyful and dejected and the next, we find ourselves traipsing down the drain like drops of water. Yes, one blink and it is gone in a jiffy.

Tomorrow is never ours to begin with so why not value, admire and make the best of it? Instead, we spend every little hour, minute and second, ounce embracing the road less traveled, trying to climb stairs of nowhere, focusing not on the dish on our front porch but the one next door. Yeah, that dance can sometimes be atrocious.

Life is not complicated, as it appears, we make it complicated and when it is all over we are left mulling over on what could have; exactly, could have.

We spend so much time bickering, fighting over trivial paraphernalia, not valuing life or cuddling the present that we can’t even see straight.

Have we ever sat to ponder about what it all mean to us? Life there is. What is it to you? Perhaps, if we would give it much thought, examine our consciousness, decipher its essence, we would be able to embrace it with the love, humility, appreciation and credence that it so deserves.

Tomorrow is never ours but it can be nauseatingly brighter, if we try, if we give it a chance!


Inch A Little Closer


I was going from room to room because that’s what one does at a art show, trying to absorb as many pieces and snap as many pictures as I could, when I came across this interesting and somewhat deliciously “wacky” exhibit, which in all honestly would not make my living room wall, unless, perhaps, if offered a few Benjamin’s of big numbers and colored kind.

I found myself in the midst of a “gang” hovering around, trying to position themselves to better view this particular piece because everyone just wanted to see it. I did not get the frenzy for a second as I was still exploring.

I was still trying to situate myself when I saw what appeared to be a gigantic charming sterling silver medicine cabinet, big enough to make any wall scream, mounted on the wall surrounded by two security guards.

At the onset, I questioned the basis for the guards’ presence, Picasso it wasn’t but it became clear to me as I inched closer.


Wow, was the word of the moment. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was still in absorbing it all. The piece was beautiful, intriguing, stunning behind words, fascinating, a conversation piece to say the least. I was stupefied but then again, I should not have, that was Art Basel after all where expect the unexpected is the norm.

Once I was done being dumbstruck, too many pills to count and the reason for the guards, I then moved to “I wonder how long it took the artist to put it all together” and to “what was the artist on?” What a question!

The pills did not appear to be glued. They seemed to have been painstakingly placed, carefully allocated, colors and all within an inch of each other, I am hoping once the cabinet was up.

There you have it. One beautiful idea. So, before you send that expire tablet packing off your medicine cabinet, think of what you can do with it, artistically there is. Just make sure it is locked and tucked away from prying eyes. That’s Art!