A Woman Should Have…


Self-esteem and confidence
An assistant, a butler and chef
Happiness from within
Control over her destiny
A place to call her own
Anything she wants
A separate bank account
A cup of coffee, margarita and a book
Her independence
Enough shoes to fill a tank
A robot to help her put on her make up
A stylist
Her own room
A friend
A sense of humor
A manual with pictures and twenty four hour technical support
An understanding
Enough lingerie to fit a walk-in closet
Her own remote control
A personal trainer on speed dial
As many hair extensions as she wants
An animated e-book
Some understanding that skinny jeans is not for everyone
Lipsticks in a cup
A sense of humor
A bottle of whiskey and mouth full of union
A husband, a boyfriend and a chewing gum
A back-up plan
Her cake and eat too
An exit plan
Her own identity card
A life.

Happy International Women’s Day!

© Angela Aguiar


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