Never Too Late to Post a Story


Photo by Loly

Am I late with the eclipse and blood moon story? Humm, perhaps!

I have a habit of treating myself during the holidays, a feel good token as I call it. It is a tradition that began in a whim and has rocketed itself to an annual event of sorts minus the parade.

I never have anything in particular in mind, whatever speaks to me at the moment will be, until I hit the store but the page has turned this year, thanks to Madam moon. 


It just occurred to me that my Canon, yet outdated, in camera years she is old, is still kicking and putting out a show but I cannot say the same about her many arms, excuse-me accessories. There is an urgent need for them to catch up with the times as they began to slowly go south, well kind off. They are dragging along in one leg in technology age, not doing what I want, when I want and as I want and having me going in circles like a mad dog trying to catch his tale.

I mean, take the eclipse for example, for the moment there, I forgot all about the Super Moon until I was hit by a pedal in the head forty minutes in , so forgive-me whatever picture I share here of the super moon, not the eclipse, is from a friend.


I spent the whole night, I relentlessly stalked this moon, trying to hit the fast forward button but she cadently beat at speed of her own drum. Thank God the mosquitos were not out. Otherwise, I would have been feeling like lady marmalade. 

I forced the lens to snap but she would not budge, switching from this mode to that mode, moving the camera up and down, flash and no flash but nothing. Glad she did not break, however. She had a mind of her own and stopped cooperating for a while. It was an endeavor, a fight of major proportion, one I no longer wanted to experience. So, come December, a lens it is for Christmas. In the meantime, here are my eclipse pictures.




Are you there yet?










My Hair In The Chopping Block


The room was suddenly quiet, barely there, in completely stillness. There was a gaze in the air. It was thin, piercing, echoing the calmness before a huge storm. Coughing no one dare to flare. Crappy conversations were not heard. Gossip barred in the interim. Hairdryer blasting only heard in the next door. No water running. No empty field to fly to. There was just a vacuum in the corner and that’s all I saw. She waited for me to say something, a word perhaps but I wouldn’t. I was just there, staring, numb, livid, eyes red. No one dared to say a thing. No one dared to ask. No one dared not to be silent. Dejected, my soul left me momentarily, freezing for a split second in space. 

Diving in


Diving in
I hear you calling me and
I run to you. You say my name
and I melt like butter in heat
for you.
I sit still listening to you
telling me stories.
I close my eyes, immersing in the lullabies of your voice
letting go of my existence
fading gently
giving way to your stillness
caressing your soul
your fragile air
and my body gives way.
Are you there yet my love, are you there?

© Angela Aguiar