Mild Aroma, Woman

Friends Bible

My life is one constant motion for equality, survival, acceptance, candid curves.
I fight to exist, smile, laugh, to be heard. I am happy.
I fight to be able to put my pants on, comb my hair a certain way, a pierced ring on my nose and a lipstick of my choosing. I scream.
I fight so the person next door know that I am me. I am free.
I fight like a tiger.
I don’t need to have a rock star intelligence, sculpted body or wear high heel to be me.
I am beautiful, I am ugly. I am skinny, I am fat. I am short, I am tall. I am DD, I am A. I like blue, red, purple or green. I am every shade there is.
I am an emotional reck who sheds tears faster then the rain drop but a gracious gentle flower then the winding wave washing ashore.
I zigzag like a butterfly, I marvel life, I embody serenity but I don’t crack; I keep going.
I am a sexual tender, mild aroma in the bushes,
the charismatic being looking for to get drunk of laughter at the next friend’s corner bar.
I feel prettier then the rainbow because I like to breathe in the sun and irradiate the room.
I wake up at cracker dawn say my Amens and Thank You’s to the Man upstairs,
feed my herds sooner that I can drink my coffee and hit the next train to Georgia.
I am gorgeous. I love. I create. I educate. I dream. I give life.
I am a light. I beam. I venerate. I compete. I am ferocious.
I am authentic. I am complicated.
I am a leader and there isn’t a math equation I haven’t been able to solve.
I did’t go to school, I am scientist. I am not a doctor, I am a farmer. I am a teacher, I am a tattoo artist. I am an astronaut, I am pool dancer. I am not a mother, I am a sister, daughter, grandma, companion, lover, friend, wife, aunt, a soldier…
I am me. I am my own voice. I am a woman. I am girl. I am female. 

Happy International Women’s Day!