The Angst of the Sounds


As the clouds begin to stream
The night gently moves in, unabashful
With its many ghosts and fears
And its many stories to tell
It pours in, looking for a place to park
And a soul to save.
But allow me to tell you one more
To help you fall asleep:
In the quiet hours of the night
The wind blowing unadulteratly
An angel appears
Tucking you to bed
Sniffing the cravings of the night
Silently watching over you
So, my dear my bell, say hello to the angst of the sounds
The perils of the darkness
Sleep tight, the angel says
And happy dreams!

© Angela Aguiar


Hello Saturday


If there was ever such thing as heaven, this comes close. Breathe…
Come alive. Live. Close your eyes and let be. Unwind. Travel.
Let yourself be transported. Your mind journey. Your soul free. Inhale.
Gaze at tomorrow. Dream. Still. Chill. Praise. Celebrate.
Say hello to today. Tomorrow. Whatever. Just be.
Thank you João Melo Sereno. Thank you for this amazing illustrious photo. It just made my Saturday.

Because I Love to Look up There

20150327_100433 A

Someone once asked me, why are you always taking pictures of clouds. Simple because I love to look up there, penetrate the mystery behind the lenses and just gaze. It gives me joy,  serenity, quietness that conspicuously cascades into the gauze of my soul and let me be.

Let me tell you about clouds. They never talk back to you; oh well, they thunder sometimes when they are mad but who doesn’t? It is the nature of the beast. They enjoy putting on a show. They are constantly on the go, in perpetual metamorphosis, transporting you into a state of being. They always tell you a story, continuously, in bundles, in perfect harmony. Listen to whatever they might be telling you. Track it. Dissect it. Contemplate on what you have coming your way and dispose of it accordingly.  Yes, it is just a cloud, I know but it tells you a story, one floating vapor at a time.