Because I Love to Look up There

20150327_100433 A

Someone once asked me, why are you always taking pictures of clouds. Simple because I love to look up there, penetrate the mystery behind the lenses and just gaze. It gives me joy,  serenity, quietness that conspicuously cascades into the gauze of my soul and let me be.

Let me tell you about clouds. They never talk back to you; oh well, they thunder sometimes when they are mad but who doesn’t? It is the nature of the beast. They enjoy putting on a show. They are constantly on the go, in perpetual metamorphosis, transporting you into a state of being. They always tell you a story, continuously, in bundles, in perfect harmony. Listen to whatever they might be telling you. Track it. Dissect it. Contemplate on what you have coming your way and dispose of it accordingly.  Yes, it is just a cloud, I know but it tells you a story, one floating vapor at a time.


Taken Last Night Just Outside of My Door


The sunset just as the sunrise tickles me. I find it pure, dramatic, mystical and artistic. As the sun begins to sail, it let’s my mind wonder, calling out the morning light, embracing the singing colors on the horizon, the sweet taste of blackberries. It let’s my mind be creative as I sketch the picture perfect moon. Listening to the song of the crickets on the hills, I relish; dancing to the sound of the wind blowing, I close my eyes and let down my hair inhaling the air, daydreaming, I fantasy. I fantasy with here and there, now and tomorrow, what will and what is, the abstruseness of the innocence. I do. I fantasy, fancying that misty smile and an exterior louder then my voice, the tired and sweaty sunsets, caressing innocent children frolicking in the night while smiling at the moon. Yes, it is summer after all when the sunset is charming and the moon is a spitting distance away.

Oh Well Jogging Morning

11391536_10206705480014112_A5505396013662689793_nIt was hot, humid as the sweat could see morning. Water and sunglasses were in place, shades required but were not a must. Wind blowing a tad, plenty to make a bird faint-hearted but not powerful enough to lift a tree off its roots. I guarantee you, it was not raining nor did it appear it would but it might, the day was still young and this is South Florida after all. It made my timing outside mouthwatering, considering my love and hate relationship with heat. Yes, we just don’t get along. I have been known to hit the pavement once or twice because of it. Not a pretty scenario but it played in the theater near me, handsome first responders included. They were a pie in a box of chips and I did not complained. I just said Amen and went about my day! Thank you mother nature for being so kind to me. Mr gym, we shall talk next week. We have a date.