Me, Myself and Irene Christmas Edition

Just for fun. I was not in the mood for Christmas as 2020 has presented itself as one pathetic miserable bitchy year and I didn’t see the need to reward it but as life dictates, we should always count our blessings, take the good, the bad and make an omelet out of it. I mean, we need the bad sometimes to shake our bun-buns, teach us lessons as our life depends on it but not the dump that was thrown at us like an hot pot on the oven. 2020 has officially been canceled and we saw it in real time.

I made the decision to pick and follow, not to choose but follow, embrace the present. The Lord is my Sheppard I shall not want. I decided to take the good the year has offered, ditch the horrible, put it on a pile of manure and bury it somewhere on the curbside. Pumped I became and as much life has been one bowl of tomato soup, He restored my soul, leading me in the paths of righteousness, I was not about to turn it into a mash potato.

I moved in, decorated the house, sprinkled a few scent of pine here and there on something that resembles a Christmas tree, (my tree is too big and I was not in the mood to deal with it. I got the one on the corner and spruced it, add some light to it and it is standing tall and pretty, smiling right back at me), put up the lights and made it feel like the holiday that it is for two grateful soul dwellers. Yup, not going anywhere but my home. Ms Rona said so and I am ok.

2020 has been one puking year, for the books that no even the bookkeepers could have foreseen, forget the make believe horoscope card readers psychics, they were out to lunch on this twenty twenty and riding on my parade one more time it wasn’t, in the Christmas spirit I was going to be. I put my foot down and declared that life is for the living and living I was going to and elected to finding goodness, joy, the bright light in the pile of hay, grab it and make it my umbrella du jour. Yeah Christmas, bring it on!

Evian’s Christmas Village


I was in Geneva, Switzerland when we decided to adventure to Evian, France. It is just across the border, an hour away and why not? I mean, when you hear Evian, you think water and I thought, I drink the water, why not check the city? So, to Evian we went.

I didn’t know what to expect, so it was to my surprise when we came across Le fabliaux village des Flottins. La what?


Le fabliaux village des Flottins occurred from 13th of December 2013 to the 5th of January 2014. It is a free and alternative magical Christmas market, a make believe village filled with exhibitions, street entertainers, art installations, music, shopping and much more. Most of local shops stays open until 8pm. But the most interesting thing for me was the presence of magical creatures that gave birth to an enchanted kingdom, made out of drift wood. They told a story but on that day, I paid attention to the creativity on hand. Imagine how much wood time and imagination went on creating these pieces?! In my heck of the wood, it is just wood but in Evian, it is art. We were so much into it, visiting all of them that we even forgot to visit the site of Evian Water.

















Merry Xmas


Christmas is a time to cheer, a time to give, a time to dance, a time for peace, a time to rejoice,a time to be kind, a time to love and reflect on what is important, a time for family and yes, a time for presents and no ugly sweaters or fruit cake. From me to you and yours, Merry Christmas. May your day be filled with happiness, joy, and yes, lots of laughter.