Strolling by the Docas


Lisbon, Portugal

What is your excuse for not exercising? I know, it is painful, exhausting but think about the reward. You will always look good, better then a cheeseburger, cute and slimmer then Slim Jim Guy. I strolling by the Docas, Lisbon when I saw this gentleman going by. I thought it was a lot peddling on a hand bicycle but once I saw his leg muscles, it was on. No, I say hello to the gym sometimes but not as often as I would like to.

Morning Glory


20140428_094731Truth be told, it is not everyday I am jogging around my quiet neighborhood and spot two people fighting. Really it is not but truth also be told, it is no longer a clich√© to come across two people fighting at any given day while walking down any street. It isn’t. It is the nature of the beast, it is the new reality, it is the new normal, what society has come to. So, it came as surprising to me when I came across these two gentlemen, not fighting but “fighting” as in boxing, exercising this morning. It does not matter where and how you do it but working out is the key, it does a body good. One businessman walking, a professional fighter by night, a trainer by day. A day in a life of a trainer and his student. Happy Monday!

It Is Never Too Late!

20130418_100254I see this gentleman everyday while I am out jogging, strolling slowly, unadulterated with ease, one step at a time, always with a smile on his face. If he can do it, gets up in the morning, dresses and puts his best sneakers on, so can you. What is he saying to the  couch potatoes? If you are not exercising, if you have not yet began, get out of your comfort zone and make it a reality, slowly, one step at a time. Exercise does a body, mind and spirit good!

Try to do some physical activity every day or as often as you can but do with determination and love.