About Yesterday

About yesterday when you felt the earth moving, you thought the headaches were left behind, your wrongs stuffed in a pile of manure and new engine got started. When a bird sang you a lullaby and you thought it was a new tune. The clock went plus one, the apple came down and you thought miracles were around the corner and issues would vanish at the click of a magic wand, tales would not tell a lie but different, you got a new lease on life, all soundly flipped like a fiddler on the roof. No, they are here and it is. Hope. Faith. Love. Grace. Kindness. Patience. Belief. Trust. Merci and Gratitude. Drain them, put them all in a pot, crunk the oven, bring it to a boil 365 days and voila, a great recipe for life’s journey and naughtiness. Life is for the living. Cheers!

© Angela Aguiar

The New Bridge


We all may have done things in the past that may prove to be embarrassing today, with some trying to mask or escape from the stain that disturbs us. But before fleeing or attempting to erase the yesterdays from ourselves, we should all embrace it and not cave in to the outrem. Learn from it. Grow. Redefine ourselves. Redesign tomorrow. Tap into the new, procure a principle, embody a new vocabulary. Integrate a new sweater into the daily wardrobe. Begin to live a better everyday. Be present by not repeating the same old story. Roll on the red carpet and walk on it. Cross that bridge!

The Walk


Photo by Joao Melo Serrano

The time the room look dingy and you can’t seem to put down the cross you are carrying because it is playing tricks on you. Sit and ponder. Rethink. Take two. Excuse the darkness, the clutter. Don’t despair. Hand over your flag and escape through the open door. Search for a bridge and cross to the other side. Find the gift that surprises you.