About Yesterday

About yesterday when you felt the earth moving, you thought the headaches were left behind, your wrongs stuffed in a pile of manure and new engine got started. When a bird sang you a lullaby and you thought it was a new tune. The clock went plus one, the apple came down and you thought miracles were around the corner and issues would vanish at the click of a magic wand, tales would not tell a lie but different, you got a new lease on life, all soundly flipped like a fiddler on the roof. No, they are here and it is. Hope. Faith. Love. Grace. Kindness. Patience. Belief. Trust. Merci and Gratitude. Drain them, put them all in a pot, crunk the oven, bring it to a boil 365 days and voila, a great recipe for life’s journey and naughtiness. Life is for the living. Cheers!

© Angela Aguiar


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