Frozen Ride

The banjo temporarily froze his ride. The sonata camouflaged in the handsome notes rimmed pitilessly, creating whimsical melodies he so desperately wanted to defuse. Carbon paper of disgusted impunity, he insanely believed the transgression fitted the punishment. The fellow renegade broke with tradition and feverishly pondered in the corridor of what could be, rerouting his path to adopting tomorrow wise choices.
©️Angela Aguiar

Fresh Water

They say the water is fresh but it tastes like lava.
Like an orange flame in the sky, torture souls in the ground.
It is a water fountain at the edge of the road, cars and people going by and no one saying hi.
It cries intoxicatingly, bleeding profusely for a clean bed, a beautiful skirt, a clean underwear but no one cares.
Stinky feet marching through like soldiers in the battlefield, livid daylight testimonials piercing through book pages like a salad on the menu, rocks giving it a purpose to live.
Shut up they utter, anguish dribbling in her face we see, dry tears dripping through yesterday’s scars for today’s newspaper is heard on the loud speaker.
It bleeds still, I see it, you see it, they see it but no one seems to care.
I know, I can’t seem to stop the train from rolling through the water fountain but He can

©️ Angela Aguiar

Evian’s Christmas Village


I was in Geneva, Switzerland when we decided to adventure to Evian, France. It is just across the border, an hour away and why not? I mean, when you hear Evian, you think water and I thought, I drink the water, why not check the city? So, to Evian we went.

I didn’t know what to expect, so it was to my surprise when we came across Le fabliaux village des Flottins. La what?


Le fabliaux village des Flottins occurred from 13th of December 2013 to the 5th of January 2014. It is a free and alternative magical Christmas market, a make believe village filled with exhibitions, street entertainers, art installations, music, shopping and much more. Most of local shops stays open until 8pm. But the most interesting thing for me was the presence of magical creatures that gave birth to an enchanted kingdom, made out of drift wood. They told a story but on that day, I paid attention to the creativity on hand. Imagine how much wood time and imagination went on creating these pieces?! In my heck of the wood, it is just wood but in Evian, it is art. We were so much into it, visiting all of them that we even forgot to visit the site of Evian Water.