Now What?

Now that you are done
watching the primaries and the debates,
nominating your candidate and its posse,
attending a rally, the convention and invention,
chitchatting and pestering the candidates;

Now that you are done
listening to the talking points, demagogy, and the pundits,
political experts, cable news channels and talk radio,
browsing the Internet, reading one more political story, and
visiting one more blog;

Now what?

Now that you are done
being or sympathizing with the 18 million cracks in the ceiling,
one hundred fifty thousand dollars and J. Crew wardrobe,
700 billion bailout,
lipstick on a pig, pigstick, pukingstick,
moose burgers, fried burgers,
Sara who?,
Joe the plummer, Joe the blabber,
“The View” and review,
seeing Russia from Alaska,
patriotism and anti-American,
he is Arab that one, no madam,
yes we can,
who is he?;

Now that you are done
watching one more “I have the best plan” speech,
straight talk, country first,
health care reform and mortgage,
tax cuts and raising cuts,
promises and broken promises,
mavericky and change we can believe in,
fundamentally sound and spreading the wealth,
being erratic and palling around with terrorists,
economic plan and I voted with him 90% of the time,
socialism and dream,

Now that you are done
watching good adds, bad adds, despicable adds, youtube,
mumbling the words dangerous, infuriating, disgusting,
oh yah right on,
watching the SNL skits, the late night comedians,
listening to one more political song,
Rush Limbaugh, Wolf Blizter, Oprah Winfrey,
Bristol Palin,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keith Olbermann,
Jeremiah Wright,
Obama Girl and Megan McCain’s blog,
Huffingtonpost and Drudgereport,
Politico and Alaska Daily News,
si se puede,

Now what?

Now that you are done
being swindled and amused by the trickery,
stock market and undecided voters,
unnerved and anxious,
flaunting your window and bumper stickers,
showcasing your lawn signs,
snubbing at your neighbors,
honking at the poll worker;

Now that you are done
clicking the mouse,
being a caterpillar, obsessed and a slave,
giving money (good church donation),
being giddy and silly,
exercising your right and choosing a President
Now that the world has watched….

Twenty months and many moons later, … hoof!
Now what?

Welcome to your pitiful pathetic life.
The movie has just begun and
Detox awaits you!


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